Everyone knows that just like in Las Vegas, online casinos have a slight edge over the gamers – to beat them you need to get lucky or develop the skills and strategies that turn the edge in your favour. However, the casino advantage isn’t as bad as it sounds, because on average you’ll receive payouts in the 95-99% zone – meaning if you play thousands of rounds in online casinos, you’ll enjoy hundreds of winning spins, hands and tickets.

In fact, because online casinos use sophisticated random number generation software to power their games, you can even find casinos with hot months when the average pay outs topped 100%!

All in all – even total novice gamers can play for hours on a very limited budget in reputable online casinos.

Getting lucky in online casinos
Not every gamer is interested in the complexities of online casinos – they just want to have fun, relax and play video slots and progressive jackpots. Naturally, while many online casinos deliver a leisure option akin to playing video games – the thrill and possibility of striking a massive win is the key for many people hitting online casinos on a regular basis.

The good news is many jackpot games can instantly make gamers rich – with many capable of delivering million dollar payouts (for example, one of the kings of the online casinos – Major Millions Jackpot Slot). Of course, you need to strike it seriously lucky to ever get your hands on a mega jackpot – but just check-out the latest winners on the casino websites to see the recent jackpot winner! There’s zero skill and everyone has a fair chance.

Playing online casinos with skill
There’s one way to seriously boost your long-term success in online casinos – skill-play! Certain games such as blackjack and video poker respond very well to strategies and with some hardcore dedication – it’s really possible to make consistent cash (if you have the will?).

Of course, every gamer can use elements of skill to enhance their gaming fun – what’s more, online casinos using software such as Microgaming are increasingly able to offer auto-skill options to allow novice gamers to play with elements of professional game-play (such as selecting the hot cards in video poker).

With the latest no-deposit bonuses from some of the best online casinos – it’s possible to trial run casino gaming without risking a penny. Essentially – whether you’re a skill gamer or novice player, you can see the payout potential of online casinos before you commit to spending your own cash. In fact, you can end up banking hundreds in free cash just for downloading some good online casinos.

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The latest market-leading online casinos contain well in excess of 200 games, featuring very detailed graphics and immense gaming realism. However, there’s more than one way access the games – either via a download to your system, or by launching an instant play casino interface. The question is – which is the best option for playing online casinos?

No-download online casinos

If you’re looking for a way to join an online casinos and get gaming literally instantly, no-download gaming options are the holy grail of online casinos. In fact, as long as your PC is updated with the latest browser software and isn’t about to bite the dust (you need a bit of PC power), you’re perfectly set-up to get gaming. The best online casinos tend to use JAVA software as their gaming infrastructure. Although you’re unlikely to find 200 games available in the instant mini-casinos, you’re sure to get a pick of the best video pokers, slots, progressive jackpots, blackjack, craps, poker and parlour games.

Instant JAVA online casinos have the benefit of working well on any system connected to the web, meaning it’s easy to play on a computer anywhere in the world – and whether you’re at work or at home. Some gamers prefer instant launch online casinos because they free-up their hard drive for other applications.

Downloadable online casinos

While instant play online casinos are very useful for many gamers, most experts agree that it’s preferable to download the full casino software.

Initially, the number of games and the graphical quality of full-download games are often better then those found in JAVA casinos, because the player’s PC is able to share the work with the casino’s servers.

Another big bonus (literally) of downloading online casinos is the free rewards, which are often not available with non-downloads. For example, some casino offer new gamers up to 1000.00 in bonus gaming credits – but instant-launch players do not qualify for the cash. Therefore, there’s a big incentive to opt for full downloads.

In the past, many gamers were fearful that online casinos were infested with viruses, adware and other ‘downloadable nasties’. However, gaming with reputable online casinos has become very safe and virtually virus free. Online gaming is very well regulated and any casino offering you bad software will quickly go out of business. Rest assured that the best online casinos are 100% dedicated to only providing first-class casino downloads.

Payout levels in instant-play and downloadable online casinos

Although there may be some difference in the gaming speed, quality and choice between instant-play and downloadable casinos (a factor that is getting smaller thanks to broadband speeds), you can enjoy the same jackpot potential and payout ratios in both versions of online casinos. Whichever type of casino you select, always ensure you’re playing with a company who provide independently verified payouts, in excess of 95-98.5%. If you’re chasing the big jackpots, check the recent winners page to see the number of gamers landing payouts over £1000.00 (and check out the max jackpots which should exceed $500 000.00).

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